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wittenberg university's marine science program offers many opportunities for field study, which are practical, hands-on experiences that often lead to more extensive collaborative research projects with faculty members. one of the most popular field study experiences takes place in the bahamas.

with only one full day remaining on san salvador, we woke up, same as usual, only today, we were a little more antsy than usual. we had one final snorkel to do, some projects to finish up, and a final exam to study for… then we’re done!
seventeen days down and only three left to go on our adventures here on san salvador. after another yummy breakfast of french toast and sausage links, we had the mornings open to work on our group research projects.
sky high to rock bottom! we have reached day 16 on san sal and everyone has been extremely busy conducting their research projects and finishing up their organism projects.
today we woke up in smoke-filled rooms because the bugs have gotten so bad that everyone felt the need to buy coils to fight them off, however, it was pancake day, so that made up for the nauseating smell from the night.
it’s day 14 here at the grc. the bugs are at an all-time high, the wind has stopped, and it’s super-hot. the group took a break from their research projects this morning to make a trip out to watling’s castle.
today was a heavy research day for most groups. two groups were up before the sun (5:40am yikes!) to go start on their projects.
it was another beautiful morning at the grc. after a warm and buggy night, we were all excited to get up for breakfast and get our day started.
today was the day folks! it was finally time to get started with our research projects. the day began with us headed to the lab to game-plan our project ideas and methods with our professors.
today marks halfway through our san sal journey.
today was a big day for our class as well as the island. we are nearly half-way finished with our program here in san salvador!
this morning we woke up to our favorite breakfast-pancakes! with our bellies full and happy, we prepared for the day as usual by layering on sunscreen and bug spray.
hello overprotective parents, today we woke up to the smell of nothing, which means we had eggs and banana raisin muffins for breakfast, but unfortunately no frosted flakes today. after breakfast, we prepared to head down to snapshot reef.
morning: we woke up at our now-usual time of 0700 to eat a delicious breakfast of french toast, sausage, and cereal in the dining hall.
happy sunday! today we had the morning off, which was much needed after an action packed first few days! most of us needed a break from the sun.
it’s day three on san salvador and we woke up early to grab breakfast before we headed out to bonefish bay. we are all nursing some red sunburns, but are all still eager to get out and see what the ocean has to offer!
today was our second full day on san salvador, and we were all burnt pretty bad and exhausted from yesterday’s adventures, so we limited our time in the water. nevertheless, we set out around 9:00 a.m.
morning: we awoke bright and early on our first full day here in san salvador, bahamas. after breakfast it was time for us to get ready and venture out for our first snorkeling experience.
here we are in the nassau airport awaiting our flight to san salvador.  we’ve had a great couple of days so far—we have an awesome group of students and they’re very excited to get to the grc!
the faculty are hard at work getting ready for the bahamas program--updating computers, getting cameras ready, and getting plenty of sunscreen! watch this space for updates!  see you may 21!
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